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Forklifts are among the most dangerous pieces of machinery. Despite their small size, they can cause serious injuries both to the operator of the vehicle and those in close proximity to the machine.

The Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) requires employers to allow only trained and authorized individuals to operate a forklift. When they fail to meet those requirements, they put employees and other individuals at risk. Other factors may come into play causing a forklift accident: malfunctioning equipment, improperly maintained equipment, or operating the forklift on an uneven surface.

Too much weight on the front of a forklift can cause it to tip over. This can result in injuries to the forklift operator, or to anyone standing close to the forklift. Forklift operators are required to avoid overloading a forklift or to avoid lifting cargo above a certain height to avoid accidents of this type.

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Our firm represents employees, independent contractors, and other individuals who have been injured in forklift accidents. While the majority of accidents affect employees at work, we also represent individuals who may have been injured in an accident at a store, warehouse, or manufacturing facility. We handle both workers' compensation claims on behalf of employees, and personal injury claims on behalf of employees and non-employees.

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